Truck is Ready to Go to Houston to Help

Hurricane Harvey is bringing out the best in people—especially those in the green industry, as it has during other national disasters. Tony Bass, CEO of Super Lawn Trucks, Inc., in Fort Valley, Georgia, is one of them. SLT manufactures and sells custom truck bodies for landscape applications.

Inspired by reading about how landscape contractors, as well as hundreds of other volunteers, are flocking to Texas and Louisiana to help out during the emergency, Bass wanted to do his part. So, he’s volunteered the use of an Isuzu NPR cabover box truck, along with a driver, to deliver whatever supplies are needed, from Georgia to Houston, Texas, and other areas affected by the storm.

The vehicle is capable of hauling two tons of material, and because it’s enclosed, can keep its contents shielded from the weather. It features loading ramps for ease in getting heavy loads in and out.

The CEO is joining “the proliferation of people and organizations that are coordinating efforts to assist--in whatever way possible--the Georgia Urban AG Council, the Methodist church I belong to, and lots of others,” said Bass.

“The truck is part of our rental program. We cleaned it up and got it ready for our clients to use on an emergency basis. I thought I’d offer it to whoever needs it to haul anything necessary in this effort.”

Bass’s company has clients in 45 U.S. states and Canada. And although he hasn’t had any of them tell him they’re in a bind because of the storm, he’s very concerned about clients in the Houston area who he hasn’t heard from yet.

He recalled a client in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who suffered the devastating loss of 50 trucks couple of years ago in a flood. “I like the idea of people helping other people out. It’s a nice, a positive counter to all the negative stuff going on in the world. We just want it known that we stand ready to assist wherever we can.”

If you would like to borrow that truck and driver for use in the Hurricane Harvey rescue and recovery effort, contact Tony Bass at Super Lawn Trucks, Inc., 866-923-0027. The website is