May 23 2018
Outdoor kitchens are a great place for friend and family gatherings. These areas can be as simple as a portable barbecue grill or as elaborate as a covered structure with all the enhancements. To optimize
May 9 2018
Building outdoor kitchens and living areas involves laying down pavers and doing masonry work to build grill enclosures; pouring concrete for gaming courts and more
April 11 2018
The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute, Arlington, Virginia, reminds you to carefully inspect those mowers, trimmers, blowers, chain saws, pruners or other pieces of outdoor power equipment that have sat
July 15 2017
Ahhh, summer! The season where each weekend is full of opportunities to experience the great outdoors. Couples go to the beach in the morning, have drinks on their patio in the afternoon, then in the evening,
May 15 2017
When Greg Taylor, owner of GTM Services in Largo, Florida, went to the Green Industry Expo (GIE) in 2014, he noticed that there were a few more companies selling battery-powered outdoor equipment. He saw
Nov. 18 2016
YOU DON'T HAVE TO LOOK very far to see that outdoor kitchens and living spaces are a very big deal nowadays. They're featured in home decorating magazines, and used as backdrops in print ads for all kinds
March 16 2016
For many of us, our happy place includes the peace that only nature can bring. We visualize a space with a babbling brook, with a comfortable seat, and vibrant green life. For some, that vision is more
Aug. 17 2015
You’ve just finished a huge landscaping job for busy clients. Yes, it’s been a long haul, but more importantly, they are happy with what you’ve done and the quality of your work. What
March 16 2015
Dad’s cooking burgers on a kettle grill in the corner of a little concrete patio. Mom’s setting a picnic table, while the kids run through the sprinklers with the dog. In the not-too-distant
Feb. 19 2015
With $200 in her pocket, a 1970 station wagon which she used as a truck, and a small, ragtag crew, Deborah Turner started Ram-T Corporation, a landscape company specializing in erosion control and hardscapes.
Jan. 15 2015
Aric Olson is a ‘turn around’ guy. As successful young man, he has helped turn around a number of companies that seemed to be spiraling downward. As the new president of the Irrigation Association
Nov. 17 2014
From his early childhood, growing up in northern Virginia, Chris Spain loved the outdoors. In high school, he ran track, but some of the most important lessons he learned in his youth was when he was a
Aug. 15 2014
Few segments of the green industry have changed as much in just a handful of years as has low-voltage landscape lighting. New technology, such as digital controls and better LEDs has added a great deal
May 16 2014
As a contractor, you have some idea of what your costumers want, or of what's popular in your neck of the woods. Ther are other ways to get a picture of some of the broader green industry trends that are
July 15 2014
Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting is proudly celebrating its 30th anniversary, but the path to the company’s beginnings came about when owner and founder Dan Cunado and his parents were granted
Sept. 16 2013
Many young people graduating from high school don't have a clue as to what to be when they 'grow up'. David Katz, founder and president of Elite Landscaping in Poughkeepsie, New York, was not one of them.
Aug. 14 2013
“LIGHTS . . . CAMERA . . . ACTION!” yells the hollywood director. The studio lights are switched on to illuminate the set; the sound system is turned on and the cameras roll. on a movie set,
July 16 2013
Abraham Lincoln understood the importance of preparation. One of his more famous quotes says: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Paver
April 21 2008
Most parents would love to see their children achieve greater success than they had in their own business careers. Vince Shiely is probably no different. That his son, John, would someday take his place