June 15 2017
In our modern world, we’ve rethought a great many things. We used to throw our soda cans in the trash; now we recycle them. Automobiles used to run exclusively on fossil fuels. Now, in 2017, we can
Feb. 15 2017
Some months ago, our family had three major home improvements that needed to be completed. Discussed in this article is what each company we called did that increased their perceived value to us as they
Oct. 15 2016
The Hanging Gardens of Nineveh, which modern scholars believe to be the true location of one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, were a work of unparalleled beauty in their time. The gardens, built
July 15 2008
Buildings everywhere are doing the green thing. Commercial buildings, homes and even entire neighborhoods are being designed with sustainability in mind. Consumers want it, realtors know it sells, governments
Jan. 16 2012
When the hospital renovated its underground conference center in the mid 2000s—the courtyard is actually the conference center’s old roof—it was also time to do something about the ‘monstrosity.’
July 17 2012
So many great things found their footing in Chicago, Illinois. Yet when the history of the Windy City is written, all may be forgotten in comparison with the most important landscape architecture innovation