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Dr. Robert Ballard, best known for his Titanic discovery, to speak Oct. 17 at 1:30 p.m.
Father who tried to assault son with chain saw suffers amputation followed by arrest.
Company plans to redevelop the abandoned manufacturing site.
Police determined no fraudulent money was taken.
Landscape companies say they are losing contracts over the labor shortage.
Video can solve a lot of selling and marketing challenges if used correctly.

Police determined no fraudulent money was taken.
Worker was zapped when equipment touched the line.
An argument about trimming bushes ends in an arrest.
K&B Tree and Lawn Care owners decided to sell the business to....
National lawn care company’s app offers ETA updates and....

WaterSense partners have helped Americans save more than 2.7 trillion gallons of water......
A record number of entries were received this year.
The AT&T HydroPoint technology was installed at more than 900 Lowe's stores across the......
Band Blitz II raised $20,000 to assist military families in need of lawn care and landscaping.......
Possible cancer-causing substance found in water coming from treatment plant.
Dennis Hyde has more than 35 years of experience in the green industry.

Contractors are looking at equipment and technology as integral cogs to keep their businesses running......
Will be executive vice president of U.S. aftermarket.
Net sales increased 4.4 percent to a record $655.8 million.


Shifting Gears

Contractors are looking at equipment and technology as integral cogs to keep their businesses running in a tight labor market.

Since the beginning of time, we humans have innovated, inventing tools and machine to help us accomplish tasks more quickly and precisely. And whether it's the Stone Age or 2018 A.D., the primary goal has been the same – to save the amount of time and manpower that must be expended.
His rather unconventional approach has given Greg Rubin, owner of California's Own Native Landscape Design, an astronomical advantage.
Get more from your employees with a motivating mission statement.
If biodiesel is good enough for Central Park, a national park and the Harvard quad, will it be good for you and your company too?
Keeping your existing client base happy is the key to a thriving business. Here's how to do it.