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The company will show its modular battery system at GIE+Expo.
The company will show its modular battery system at GIE+Expo.
Ryan Walker is the new president, taking over from Bob Walker who moves to board chairman.
The building is part of a $30 million expansion that includes a new high-tech training facility.
Winners will be honored at the ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture Nov. 18, in San Diego.
The deadline to enter is Dec. 25.

A jury told Jeff Bagwell to pay his landscape contractor.
A tree theft last year led to a massive wildfire.
A man who’d shot his ex-wife asked the landscapers to call....
Prizes will be given away in addition to the training sessions...
GIE+Expo offers fun after-hours attractions in Louisville.
Co-locating with GIE+Expo, Hardscape North America will feature....

The winners were recognized Oct. 2 at WaterSmart Innovations.
The information is intended to equip county agents to help green industry clients and......
Tom Childers previously served as the company’s eastern division vice president....
There’s money to be made preparing irrigation systems for the season’s onslaught,......
Universities join to tackle irrigation issues at the Colorado research center.
Platform offers training for irrigation professionals of all experience levels.

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New Path Lights Offer Three Modern Styles for Lighting Design

Mobile apps are empowering landscape companies to better manage their employees and day-to-day business....
The event will be held Oct. 16 in Louisville, Kentucky.
MSC is headquarted in Denver.


Powering up for change

With numerous factors shaping the outdoor power equipment industry, are you ready to keep up with changing times?

...When new ideas and products are introduced in an industry, they can seem outlandish at first. But true trends aren’t just fads that quickly disappear. They are long-lasting cultural shifts that reflect the changing needs, attitudes and expectations of customers and employees. They’re a sign of where an industry is headed in the long run — in this case, the outdoor power equipment industry...
The owner of A.I.R. has embraced the use of earth-friendly materials and equipment and is blazing a trail for the green industry to follow.
Admitting when you are wrong is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of strength that will earn you respect from your employees.
Maintaining good customer relations starts with frequent and effective communication.
There can be a lot of misunderstandings surrounding this important part of an irrigation system.
There are many ways you can help your clients reduce the amount of water they use and their landscapes will be better for it.