Dec. 9 2011 05:07 PM

Controllers First To earn WaterSense Label

The EPA’s WaterSense program announced today that irrigation controllers will soon be the first outdoor product eligible to earn the WaterSense label. “As much as half of the water we use on our landscapes goes to waste due to evaporation, wind, and improperly scheduled irrigation systems,” said Sheila Frace, director of the EPA’s Office of Water’s Municipal Support Division. “WaterSense-labeled irrigation controllers are designed to do the thinking for you and apply water only when needed, to ensure a healthy landscape that doesn’t waste water.”

WaterSense-labeled irrigation controllers, which monitor watering needs based on local weather data, can use significantly less water by applying it only when plants need it, and offering convenience and peaceof-mind while keeping landscapes healthy.

Controllers with the WaterSense label could be available in spring 2012. WaterSense-labeled irrigation controllers must be independently certified to meet the EPA’s criteria for water efficiency and performance.

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Ewing opens New Branch

Landscape and irrigation contractors of Charleston, South Carolina, will now have access to Ewing Irrigation Products. The family-owned irrigation supplier has opened a new branch in the area; the fourth in the Carolinas since 2010.

Other Ewing locations in the area include one in Columbia, South Carolina, and two more in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Best New Product

The new High-Efficiency Variable Arc Nozzle (HE-VAN) from Rain Bird has received the Irrigation Association’s 2011 Best New Product of the Year Award in the Turf and Landscape Category.

It’s the HE-VAN’s water efficiency that makes it stand apart from its competition. It provides a level of distribution uniformity (DU) that few nozzles—fixed or variable arc— can match. Like other variable arc nozzles, the HE-VAN’s spray pattern is adjustable from 0° to 360°, making it possible to irrigate unique landscapes of all shapes and sizes.

Alternative to restrictions – raise Water rates

Instead of dictating which days residents and businesses can water landscaping, the San Angelo City Council has decided to hike the water rates by significantly reducing the amount of water customers can use before a surcharge is applied.

Under current drought stage Level 1, residential customers are charged for a base of 65,000 gallons, after which they’re charged $2.50 for every 1,000 gallons up to 75,000, and $5 for every 1,000 gallons after that.

The council decided to decrease the first stage allowance to 25,000, with the overflow surcharge at $2. It would then increase to $3.50 per 1,000 gallons after 35,000, and then $6 per 1,000 gallons after 45,000 gallons used.

Ewing offers courses

A new line-up of half-day courses that offer busy contractors a chance to build their skills and get trained in new technologies is available from Ewing.

The 2011-2012 schedule includes an Irrigation and Water Management track that will cover topics such as two-wire technology, electrical troubleshooting and irrigation system renovations. Also available will be the Landscape Irrigation auditor prep course. The Irrigation and Electrical Troubleshooting, and Advanced Fault Finding courses will also be available in Spanish, in select areas.

Contractors interested in lighting, turf, and business will also be able to take courses on a variety of subjects. The Integrated Pest Management course covers turf and plant disease identification and chemical treatments.

Ewing will be teaching a business development course titled Presentations & Portfolios: Selling Skills for Landscape Professionals.

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Distributor of the Year At

the recent Irrigation Show and Conference in San Diego, California, Central Turf & Irrigation Supply, with 35 locations in 15 states, was recognized by Weathermatic as their distributor of the year. Mike Mason, president, and Brodie Bruner, vice president of sales, presented a plaque to Bernardo and Anthony Luciano to commemorate the occasion.