Having to cut the public workforce in Mount Olive Township, New Jersey, Mayor Rob Greenbaum knew he had to keep municipal costs to a minimum. That was when the mayor devised a clever program to maintain its publicly-owned landscapes cheaply.

The Township Council has agreed to allow private contractors to work public areas free of charge, in exchange for free advertisement by the city. Landscape companies can sign agreements with the township to maintain portions of medians or other public areas in exchange for a sign at the worksite. The signs will be made by the town. It will name the overseeing contractor and give their contact information. The number of signs that a single company receives will be based on the amount of landscape area they work.

The first section of the town to be improved by this program will be a median between two major highways. A company has been picked for this flagship assignment out of several that applied, and work is expected to begin soon. Competitive bids were not sought by the Township Council, as it is not required for programs valued at less than $25,000.

The mayor has already started planning future projects and welcomes any qualified landscape company to participate, saying, “We’ll find a spot for any landscaper in town.”