March 11 2013 03:23 PM

In Sarasota, Florida, Turner Tree and Landscape is seeking more than $87,000 in damages and $14,267 in attorneys’ fees in a lawsuit filed against Dieter’s Sod Service. Turner Tree claims that Dieter’s Sod overcharged them on more than 40 projects over the last three years. The lawsuit alleges that Dieter’s Sod intentionally provided less square footage in sod and seeding installations on residential and commercial jobs.

Darrell Turner, owner of Turner Tree and Landscape, said, “Business ethics is very important to Turner Tree.” The alleged lack of ethical behavior came to light after Dieter‘s Sod asked him to pay a $5,800 cost overrun on an apartment complex.

Turner Tree paid the amount, but also re-measured the project. The company’s measurements became evidence that they had been overcharged due to over-estimating the square footage. This prompted Turner Tree to review other projects completed by Dieter’s Sod; they found over-estimating the square footage to be a pattern of conduct.

“The results have been shocking,” said Turner. His company filed suit only after four failed settlement attempts with Dieter’s Sod Service.