Sure, Mark Cadena’s front yard in Corpus Christi, Texas, looks great now, but it’s not because of Le Roy’s Trees and Landscaping. The owner of the company, Le Roy Ortiz, was contracted to landscape the yard; Cadena paid him $3,000 to buy materials and get started.

“He did get started, and then told me he’d be back the next day. He never showed up,” says Cadena. So he called Ortiz, who said he had to order the flagstone. 

But the excuses kept coming. Having had enough, Cadena remembers telling Ortiz to stop the b.s. and tell him what happened. He also wanted to know what Ortiz had done with his money. Ortiz told him he had gotten caught in a bind and needed to use it, but he said he would pay Cadena back. 

Well, you guessed it--Ortiz still hasn’t paid Cadena any money or finished the job. Cadena had to spend an additional $1,500 in materials and pay someone else to get his front yard looking the way he wanted it. He still believes Ortiz owes him money and might take him to court.