In honor of National Landscape Architecture Month in April, landscape architects across the country will host a variety of activities to celebrate their profession and show how it promotes public health. This year's theme is Healthy Living Through Design.

“Landscape architects have long been creating environments that encourage daily exercise, provide clean air and water, and even supply nutritious food. This helps combat growing epidemics of depression, obesity, diabetes, asthma and heart disease,” says Nancy Somerville, Honorary American Society of Landscape Architects executive vice president and CEO.

“Green design and public health has always been an integral concern for landscape architects. National Landscape Architecture Month provides a great opportunity to highlight what they do to help everyone get outside and get healthy,” said Somerville.

National Landscape Architecture Month will also encompass Earth Day, on April 22, along with the April 26 birthday of Frederick Law Olmsted, 1822-1903. Olmsted was the father of American landscape architecture and the designer of New York City's Central Park and other iconic landscapes.