July 29 2013 02:48 PM

If you had a ten-inch root, would it make a difference? Holganix thinks so. Between the pictures and stories they have received, they have been inspired to create a competition.  It’s called Holganix Roots for You!

The purpose is to discover the best root system in three main turf sectors of the green industry: lawn, sports turf and golf. Because when it comes to turf, roots are the key to its health.

Here are the rules:

Only roots treated with Holganix can participate in the competition. Entries must be submitted via the Holganix social media outlets, Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, email them your picture at info@holganix.com and they’ll post the photograph for you.

 When deciding between roots. Holganix will take into consideration both the length of roots and the density. Comparison pictures will earn bonus points. Include a ruler in the photograph that indicates the length of your roots.

Winners will receive a $500 cash prize, and Holganix will match and donate in your name to either GCSAA, STMA or PLANET. Winners will also be featured in various public relations outlets.

Lawn care winners will be announced at the Bionutritional Summit at GIE in Louisville, Kentucky, on October 24th. Sport turf winners will be announced at the STMA’s Conference and Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas, on January 21-24, and the golf course winners will be announced at the GCSA’s Golf Course Show in Orlando, Florida, on February 5-6. Winners do not have to attend in order to be considered.

The deadline for entries is October 15, 2013. Good luck. They’re “rooting” for you!