A Connecticut Superior Court found that Designing Nature, a landscape company in Easton, Connecticut, was responsible for injuries sustained by a 9-year-old boy. The accident involved a dump truck, owned by the company, and a car owned by Thomas McCauley. Designing Nature was found responsible for the negligence of the truck’s driver.

The dump truck reportedly crashed into McCauley’s car as he was driving with his two sons, one of whom was seriously injured in the wreck. The unnamed boy suffered a traumatic brain injury and will “continue to have difficulty as a result of his injuries for the rest of his life,” said an attorney for the boy’s family.

Designing Nature was ordered to pay $2.98 million in economic damages and $5 million in other damages to the boy’s family, for a total of about $8 million. However, millions more could potentially be added on to the award for the plaintiff’s lawyer fees.