Landscape contractors in Washington State are seeing a resurgence of business in their region.  After years of limited demand, homeowners are finally beginning to come out their shells and return to pre-economic recession levels of spending on landscaping.

According to James Woodhead, owner of Woody’s Custom Landscaping in Battle Ground, Washington, the amount of renovations and additions being done this spring is far outpacing last year’s activity. “My job scale and the amount of work we’re getting have jumped exponentially,” he said. “It reminds me of back in 2007, before the collapse.”

Jay Hofer agrees. He is also a landscape contractor, owner of J’s Custom Landscaping in Vancouver, Washington. “Now that the economy has improved, people are more interested in improving their outside…People who might have done a $500 clean-up job in the past are now adding a fire pit or a patio.”

More natural looking and environmentally-friendly projects are become particularly popular. Customers are shying away from concrete in favor of wood or stone, and LED landscape lighting is getting plenty of attention. Installations of water-efficient drip irrigation systems and native plants have also risen significantly.

It appears that after years of neglecting their yards due to financial reasons, homeowners are now beginning to play catch-up.