After living with once-every-two-weeks watering restrictions, residents in Frisco, Texas, will be happy to return to their former once weekly watering regulations. The Frisco City Council voted unanimously to return to a once-per-week schedule.  

However, Frisco city leaders and staff stress the need for residents to keep sprinkler systems turned off, and water only if necessary. Watering is also not permitted between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. 

“Our primary water source, Lavon Lake, is nearly 12 feet low,” said Gary Hartwell, director of Public Works. “Our residents have responded amazingly to our call to conserve, as we remain under Stage 3 restrictions. Since the first of the year, Frisco residents have saved nearly 1.1 billion gallons of water, compared to this same time last year.”

Council members credited residents with reducing their August consumption by more than 57 percent, based on the North Texas Municipal Water District’s 10 percent reduction goal. Gallons per person per day is down to 172 in August, compared to 280 this time last year.

In June, the district urged its member cities to limit outdoor watering to once every two weeks due to critically low lake levels.  But decreased demand, along with high temperatures, resulted in stagnation and reduced chlorine levels in some of the district’s member cities’ water systems.

The city of Frisco, though, has not experienced any water quality issues related to modified Stage 3 restrictions. “While Frisco hasn’t experienced those problems, the potential exists,” said Hartwell.  “Rather than merely flushing and wasting the water, the district has agreed it’s better for cities to use the water for irrigation,” said Hartwell. 

Hartwell reiterated that the city’s water message hasn’t changed.  “Turn off your automatic sprinkler systems,” said Hartwell. He reminds residents about the tools Frisco has in place to help residents be waterwise. The city of Frisco has its own onsite weather station in addition to four, automated rain gauges that staff uses to calculate weekly watering recommendations.