An Environmental Solution
Snails &Slugs

An environmentally-friendly product to control snails and slugs has been developed. Sluggo, a unique blend of iron phosphate with bait additives in easy-to-use, non-toxic pellets, is one of Western Farm Services' new products.

According to Cindy Bishop, marketing assistant for the Fresno, California-based provider of agricultural, turf, and ornamental supplies, Sluggo actually lures snails and slugs from hiding places and plants.

"Once the snails eat the bait, they immediately stop feeding, they ingest the product, then go into seclusion to die. They go where it's dark to die--in corners and under shrubs--so there are no unsightly shells lying around," says Bishop. "There is no staining on cement. It takes them three to six days to die. Sluggo remains active after a sprinkle, irrigation or even rain. Uneaten pellets dissolve into the soil as a fertilizer."

Ray Bolles, landscape maintenance manager for A Growing Concern, a 12-year-old landscaping firm in Huntington Beach, California, that caters to large corporations, homeowner associations, and retail establishments, gives Sluggo high marks for safety and effectiveness.

"We do a lot of work with homeowners' associations. They are very conscious of chemicals because of children and pets. Bait containing metaldehyde is much harsher and carries an odor. Sluggo is a natural product. It's odor-free and economical to use. I've had great success with it," says Bolles, indicating that Sluggo knocked out infestations on one of his toughest properties, right next to a lake.

Simply scatter the pellets on the soil around the plants needing protection, using an application rate of one pound per thousand square feet.

Additionally, Sluggo can be used on outdoor ornamentals, outdoor container nursery plants, lawns, grass grown for seed, and in greenhouses.