DNA is widely considered to be the ultimate biological signature. It can tell us where we came from and who our parents were. DNA can even predict certain things about us, forewarning of diseases we might face later in life. Most of all, a knowledgeable reader of DNA can learn a lot about who we are right now from these unique protein strands.

In this way, DNA is to the individual like a fleet of mowers are to a landscape business. A mower isn’t just a tool, it’s a part of a company’s identity, and a fleet of mowers can paint a vivid picture to the experienced eye. The type, make and model of your mowers can be a silent declaration of your client base, your expected terrain type and average lot size.

For example, if your truck or trailer is carrying a zero-turn mower, with let’s say a 56-inch deck, chances are that particular crew is working on larger, commercial properties. On the other side of the coin, if the truck or trailer is carrying a smaller walk-behind or a 36- inch stander, that crew is working on smaller, residential properties.

Imagine if you could change your DNA—becoming taller, stronger or faster depending on what was best suited to the task at hand. Compared to modifying your body, swapping out a mower is a snap. Read on, and we’ll explore the options available to you, the types and features on the market today. Then, when you’re choosing your next mower, you can say with certainty that it’s a good fit for your business.

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