The owner of a Scottsdale, Arizona landscape company was recently invited to Washington, D.C., to discuss the issue of waning water supplies. Julian Meier, owner of Green Solutions Landscaping, joined talks held in the Secretary of War Suite in the White House about water conservation and awareness, alongside federal departments like the Office of Science and Technology, NASA and USCIS.

“Because my company offers landscape services that include design, construction and maintenance to the high-end estates, commercial buildings and HOAs in Phoenix, I was able to talk about our watering techniques and monitoring procedures,” Meier said. “Green Solutions specializes in French, English and tropical gardens, so useful watering techniques in arid soil conditions are necessary. If it’s done right, watering these gardens doesn’t have to be wasteful.”

The government expects that farming in North America will be impossible by the year 2100, due to a lack of water. This meeting spoke about the role of the private sector in water waste. Slowly, residents are becoming more mindful of their water use, while the commercial sector has been lagging in conscientious water use.

Meier added, “Our goal is to show citizens the water cycle and how they can increase their involvement in saving our most precious resource. That and increased federal involvement will hopefully minimize what currently looks inevitable.”