Jan. 12 2017 03:00 AM

The High Plains Underground Water Conservation District (HPUWCD) in Texas is currently trying to get the word out among property owners that in the winter months, sprinkler systems need to be adjusted. Even in Texas, the cooler temperatures of late fall and early winter make the grasses go dormant, but many property owners fail to adjust their irrigation systems in response.

The HPUWCD recommends that property owners contact their local landscape professional, or landscape irrigation specialist, if they need help changing their controller’s settings.

The HPUWCD has received numerous reports of irrigation systems running at homes and businesses in freezing weather. In addition to wasting water, this creates icy patches on roads and sidewalks, putting drivers and pedestrians in danger.

Even when conditions aren’t icy, runoff from irrigation systems can infiltrate roadways, and future cycles of freezing and thawing deteriorates the pavement and creates potholes. Property owners are paying for the treatment and pumping of water that their landscape doesn’t need.