March 27 2017 02:27 PM

The city council of Troy, Michigan, recently agreed to hire an eco-green company to maintain city properties, even though their bid was $30,000 more expensive than what the city typically spends. EQ Grounds LLC of Waterford, Michigan, uses electric and propane equipment, and recently became one of two companies to mow parks, medians and other municipal properties because of it.

Their bid was 12.6 percent more expensive than the lowest bid. Troy’s public works project manager, Ashely Levin, said that the contract would be the equivalent of eliminating the emissions from 846 cars. Councilmember Ethan Baker liked the low emissions, but voted against it because he thought the extra funds would be better used elsewhere.

“I don’t think passing this is at the expense of anyone else,” said city Mayor Dane Slater. “I’m not afraid to be the leader; I think it’s worth $30,000. I think, in the years to come, this will be standard.” The decision wasn’t entirely about emissions and expense, EQ came with good references from local businesses, including a ski area in Harbor Springs.

The contract for 2017 is estimated at $330,978.