In addition to planting trees, shrubs or flowers to spice up their backyards, many golf enthusiasts across the country are seizing the opportunity to also install putting greens.

Even for the most casual golfer, it’s hard to imagine anything better than chipping and putting away in the comforts of their own home. “The demand for residential putting greens is definitely getting stronger,” says one landscape contractor. “Sales over the last three years have increased by 50 percent.”

For many homeowners, customizing their landscaping has never been more exciting, and some are willing to reach deep into their pockets when it comes to their investment. For example, one couple on the East Coast, who refer to their project as their “yard-lift,” constructed a three-hole putting green more than 16 feet long by 12 feet wide.

They replaced their existing natural grass with artificial turf, which requires little maintenance and watering, and no fertilizing or mowing. The husband and wife, who are both avid golfers, made sure to install LED lights to their flag sticks so their putting time wasn’t limited to daylight hours. The duo even added a stone bench that provides seating for three on the edge of the green.

It seems that residents everywhere can’t stop raving about the quality of their new “greens”. When cared for properly, it is said that the average putting green can provide many years of enjoyment.