A landscape worker who was recently trimming trees in Sarasota, Florida, was electrocuted by a power line that was hanging dangerously low, in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

The tree trimmer was standing in a bucket that had been raised by a lift truck, when he accidently touched a live power line. Emergency Services responded to the scene, but were unable to immediately treat the landscape worker. “They had to de-energize the grid before they could get to the patient,” an Emergency Services spokeswoman said.

The worker, who was pronounced dead at the scene, was part of the thousands of personnel from all over the country who spent more than a week in Southwest Florida, restoring power to the region.

According to neighbors, the area suffered mostly tree damage from the hurricane, which produced winds up to 50 mph and wind gusts of about 69 mph. The Sarasota Police Department closed the dead-end road, where several houses had low hanging cables. There were also piles of tree debris on the street in front of the properties, which hadn’t yet been collected.

It was the second reported injury or fatality in that area related to Irma’s impact.