Oct. 25 2017 03:00 AM

A Vietnam War veteran and his wife no longer have to worry about the threat of toxic mold inside their Denver, Colorado home. Kathleen Snyder suspected that their home’s poor drainage system was causing mold to develop, and she was worried that her husband’s health would be further threatened.

Snyder diligently cares for her elderly husband, Jerry, who suffered a stroke several years ago. She contacted a local television station and asked for assistance. Ben Sparks of Sparks Landscaping in Evans, Colorado, was watching the news when he saw this. “Once I saw the story, I just knew I had to help Mr. Snyder, as a tribute to all the veterans across the world. They’ve done so much for us,” he said.

The landscape contractor responded to the Snyder’s residence within minutes. After grading their land, Sparks also surprised the couple with new concrete edging, a new drain, downspouts and sod for their lawn. He provided his services at no charge.

Snyder was especially thankful that she and her husband won’t have to worry about drainage problems in the upcoming rain and snow season. “It’s nice to know that there are still good people out there in kind of a crazy world.”