Ricky Moyer, owner of Rick’s Tree and Landscape in Wichita, Kansas, was sent to prison by a Sedgwick County court after failing to make restitution payments. Moyer, 31, who was previously on probation for committing fraud, owed more than $16,000 to two of his customers, according to officials.

A retired woman had paid Moyer $11,000 to cut down two trees and build a shed on a concrete slab. The second victim was a retired man who paid the contractor more than $15,000 to trim trees, lay sod, pour concrete, and build a shed. The work wasn’t completed and both customers were forced to hire other contractors to finish the projects.

Moyer had been allowed to continue conducting landscape work while on probation, as long as he met the conditions set forth by the court. He did not finish the work for either customer. Other contractors had to finish the projects; in addition, he failed to make payments to his victims.

The judge found that Moyer had also committed multiple probation violations in the past year, most recently for using cocaine.