Oct. 27 2017 03:00 AM

According to reports, a landscaper working in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, saw Joseph Driscoll, 40, steal a backpack leaf blower from their crew’s truck. Then one of the landscapers jumped in front of Driscoll’s car, in an attempt to stop the perpetrator from getting away.

That’s when Driscoll accelerated and caught the crew member on his hood. The worker clung to the sedan for about 100 feet before Driscoll slammed on his brakes and sent the man flying onto the roadway. He was severely injured and was treated at a local hospital, where he received six staples for a laceration and was diagnosed with a concussion.

Now Driscoll has been sentenced to up to 12 years in state prison for theft and aggravated assault in a hit-and-run. He also pleaded guilty to charges of theft in two other separate cases, in which he received concurrent probationary sentences.

In addition to prison time and probation, he was ordered to pay $780 in restitution and stay away from his victims.