Dec. 4 2017 03:41 PM

There’s a new app in town, and it creates a convenient way for homeowners to coordinate an emergency snowplow. Called SnoHub, it is a mobile app that connects customers with on-demand snow-plowing services.

“Convenience is what this app is all about,” said founder and CEO James Albis. Snowplow contractors often go with their large commercial customers first, and homeowners may not have a reliable timeline regarding when they’ll be plowed out.

When customers request a plow job through SnoHub, they’ll get a price estimate before they summon a driver. Once a customer and driver have been paired, an app user will see an estimated time of driver arrival and a map that shows the driver’s location.

Upon arrival, the driver takes photos of the driveway/job area and a measurement of snow depth, followed by photos of the completed plow job. All photos are sent to the customer.

Plow drivers must provide proof of insurance and a driver’s license and go through a background check before becoming SnoHub contractors. The company looks to fill its contractor ranks with reliable individuals who may need variable income and hours, and have the right equipment—such as military vets, firefighters, electricians or possibly other plowing or landscape contractors.

SnoHub continues to gain popularity in the northeast United States and is looking to expand west in the coming years. Albis started with 10 contractors and 100 customers, and has increased these numbers to nearly 1,000 contractors and 2,000 customers.