Ray Tiddy, a local landscaper in Wanaka, New Zealand, shaved off his nearly three-year-old beard in an effort to raise almost $2,000 for his uncle Bruce Brown’s cancer treatment.

Brown has been having operations to treat his skin cancer since 2013, one of which involved a total removal of his tongue, voice box and the glands in his neck. It also required a special line to be inserted into his stomach, so he could eat.

Alibaba’s Barbershop in Wanaka agreed to donate money from every beard trim last month to Brown’s fund, including Tiddy’s big shave.

“People have been keen to get behind it. It’s such a simple thing to do, to just have a shave and drum up a bit of support from people, but whatever I can get for my uncle is going to be a massive help for him,” Tiddy said.