Dec. 29 2017 03:00 AM

The city council of Plano, Illinois, approved an ordinance authorizing participation in the Suburban Tree Consortium. Darrin Boyer, the city's director of Public Works, said the tree replacement program is essential for the city, due to the significant number of trees that had to be cut down due to the emerald ash borer infestation.

The consortium provides municipalities with a resource for obtaining high quality tree stock for planting, he said. By working with other municipalities in northern Illinois, the city will be able to tap into the purchasing power of the larger group through contracts they have negotiated with five nurseries. One of the nurseries is Hinsdale Nursery, just outside of Plano. Representatives from the consortium go out to conduct inspections of the nurseries they contract with to ensure the health and quality of the trees they offer.

Boyer said the city plans to replace around 25 trees in the spring and another 25 in autumn. He explained that crews have surveyed all trees within the city to determine their health and to tag those in need of replacement.