The city of Cape Coral, Florida, is turning a portion of the nearly 375,000 cubic yards of debris collected from Hurricane Irma into free mulch for its residents. However, the giveaway comes with a warning. According to city officials, this mulch lacks the quality of the cypress mulch typically used in the area.

According to local landscaper Pat Rohaley, the county also did this after Hurricane Charley in 2004, and about a week later people started complaining about the stench the mulch was creating. Rohaley warned that the biodiversity in the free mulch could also be bad for your plants and could contain bugs, seeds and termites.

Cape resident Pablo Castro has already gotten 20 bags of free mulch but is not concerned. “I’m planning on buying some insecticide when I spread it and then will go to the store and buy their good one and put it on top,” he said.