According to an article in the Sun-Sentinel, landscaping companies could operate on 22,000-acre of protected farm land in Florida west of Delray Beach and Boynton Beach under a proposal being considered by the Palm Beach County Commission.

Despite being considered an agricultural reserve, nearly 7,000 homes have been built there and 4,000 more have been approved and are awaiting construction, according to the article.

The county’s latest proposal would allow up to 30 percent of a preserve parcel to be used for landscaping operations. These are companies that offer mowing, tree trimming and leaf blowing. They are not allowed on preserve land under the current rules.

As Palm Beach County has grown, neighbors have clashed with landscaping companies because they consider them to be unsightly and a source of excess truck traffic.

Sixteen landscaping businesses have been cited by the county and some have faced fines, according to county records.

Commissioners told the Sun-Sentinel that they are still considering whether or not to give final approval on the county proposal.