According to an article on KATU News, Alan Campbell started SmartVineyards five years ago in an attempt to change the wine industry, save farmers around the world money and protect Earth’s water source. The product has since grown and is now used for much more than just vineyards.

Campbell described his product to KATU News as a simple set of monitors, base and cell link that can provide real-time information to growers as they go about their day. He also noted that farmers understanding how much water their crops are getting, and when, is key to solving the global question of how do farms use water as efficiently as they can while still growing the best fruits and vegetables?

The system’s solar-powered sensors don’t measure water; they measure pressure at different soil depths and communicate back to relays that send the information to the farmer.

“A grower, sitting at his desktop or in a pickup truck on his phone, can look at the data coming in every 30 minutes and see if the irrigation went on when he wanted it to, how deep the irrigation is going and if it is time to turn it off,” Campbell told KATU News.