March 5 2018 04:22 PM


After the sun sets, let the landscape be glamorously transformed with well-designed lighting. In the darkened setting, we can enliven outdoor living spaces and features with the yellows and oranges of sunsets, and the white and golden glows and reflections created by modern lighting technology. Three properties designed by Colorado-based landscaping companies are featured: Designscapes Colorado Inc.; Designs By Sundown; and Lindgren Landscape & Irrigation Inc.

Sunset Revival

Designscapes Colorado

Centennial, Colorado

The client wanted to highlight the dramatic elevation change of the yard as seen from the road — call it “nighttime curb appeal.” In addition, he wanted to safely entertain friends after dark and protect his pets from curious wildlife. The lighting system also allows him to emphasize any aspect of his landscape at any time or create a seasonal lighting scheme with just a touch to his smartphone’s Light Logic app.

After Sundown

Designs by Sundown

Littleton, Colorado

The client wanted a year-round outdoor oasis that was also suitable for entertaining large parties. Designs by Sundown, with Vertical Arts Architecture, installed step lights, making it easy for the homeowners and their guests to navigate the property and safely find their way to the outdoor spa in the courtyard. Bistro lights in the main fire pit area add a fun and festive flair. All the outdoor lighting is managed through an app, which allows the owner to change the color and intensity of the lights and turn zones off and on.

Old Town Oasis

Lindgren Landscape & Irrigation Inc.

Fort Collins, Colorado

The lighting for this property was designed to give it a completely private and secluded feel, despite the home’s location right in the middle of town. The lighting’s design emphasizes specific outdoor features and creates a safe and inviting ambiance for the living space. Path lights guide circulation throughout the property. Under cap lights illuminate masonry planters, the outdoor kitchen and fire pit. Dimming and zoning can be easily adjusted.

This article and photography were reprinted with permission from Colorado Green, the official publication of the Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado. More information is available at