March 6 2018 04:29 AM

Endless snow increases headaches and bills

Billings, Montana, has seen record snowfall this winter. According to an article published by the Billings Gazette, as the snow piles up on parking lots and street corners, businesses are working hard to keep it out of the way of customers and find places to pile all of it.

If the consistent snowfall keeps up as it has throughout the winter, they may have to relocate the snow to open up space for parking and free up access to stores. According to the article, this is not included in their season-long contract, so it will cost extra.

Store owners and property managers have to figure out if the potential increase in business from having a clear lot will justify the cost of hauling snow off the property.

As depicted in the article, some store owners believe it will make no difference because the subzero temperatures are already deterring people from shopping.

Everyone seems to agree on one thing, they are looking forward to this winter coming to an end.