March 12 2018 04:24 PM

Collaboration between the Buffalo Sewer Authority and PUSH Buffalo is in line with U.S. Water Alliance goals.

A national report referenced in an article by The Buffalo News described the work of a Buffalo program as one step toward fixing billions of dollars worth of Great Lakes water infrastructure.

The U.S. Water Alliance referred to the collaboration between the Buffalo Sewer Authority and PUSH Buffalo as just the sort of program the Great Lakes need more of to achieve the sustainable water quality initiatives the organization put forth in its report.

According to the article, the three-year-old program employs residents from low-income and minority neighborhoods to build green infrastructure projects across Buffalo. So far the program has created over 50 jobs and improved 221 properties where derelict buildings once stood — more than 19 acres in all.

The newly landscaped properties help alleviate storm runoff into the Buffalo sewer system, reducing sewage overflows into creeks and streams.