Knowing what is available on the market can help make your next equipment purchase easier.

Mini skid steers and compact loaders make a great addition to a landscape contractor’s equipment fleet. These work horses can dig, load and move just about anything a landscape contractor needs, from dirt and debris to mulch, grass and leaves.

Having one of these powerful machines at your disposal can make many jobs go more quickly, thus giving you something you value more than anything — time. Having more time means the ability to book more appointments, and more appointments means more profits.

The return on investment for a skid steer or loader can be well worth it on the labor side of the business as well. It takes fewer people to dig a hole or spread seed with one of these machines, but the choices are many.

When a landscape contractor invests in equipment, he wants to ensure he is making the best decision before forking over thousands of dollars to a dealer or manufacturer. He doesn’t want to purchase a more powerful machine than he needs, but he also wants to plan for growth in his business. It could be wanting to take on bigger jobs or expanding into another area of business, like building retaining walls.

Each year, Irrigation & Green Industry provides a chart of manufacturers’ available mini-skid steers and compact loader models. The chart lists each model available along with the specifications for the machine. Having this list can help narrow the decision because the chart enables you to easily compare the available types of machines.

There are many options out there, so having an entire list in one spot can help streamline the decision-making process because all the data is aggregated in one place.

The Mini-Skid Steer and Compact Loader Comparison Chart is one of many equipment-related charts Irrigation & Green Industry publishes throughout the year. Just as every landscaping business is different, there is no one size fits all when it comes to landscaping equipment. Everyone’s needs vary, which is why so many variables exist in the available equipment. Horsepower, lift height, fuel capacity and size are just some of the differences between models. Good luck in making the best investment for your particular company.