April 13 2018 08:16 AM

Numerous communities in the Glacier National Park area saw record or near record snowfalls.

Crews encountered seven to 10-foot drifts at the Two Medicine campground in Glacier National Park, Montana, April 7-8. Some reached 20 feet deep, according to Cut Bank Pioneer Press.

Crews are conducting routine plowing operations for areas typically open all winter due to a spring season snowstorm that arrived recently.

Cut Bank Pioneer Press reported that the Flattop Mountain Snowtel station observations are about 125 percent of a 30-year average. This is the most significant snow year since 2011, according to the data recorded at the Flattop Snowtel station.

Avalanche forecasters and technicians will monitor snowpack for possible avalanches to provide for crew safety.

It’s crucial for visitors to avalanche country in and around Glacier National Park to continue to be alert to the possibility of avalanches.