May 7 2018 01:31 PM

The company has extended its partnership with HydroPoint Data Systems, Petaluma, California.

SiteOne Landscape Supply, Roswell, Georgia, has made several business moves in March and April as it expands its footprint and technology offerings. The company has extended its partnership with HydroPoint Data Systems, Petaluma, California.

The expanded partnership enables SiteOne to add HydroPoint’s Weather- TRAK and Baseline central irrigation control systems to a large selection of water management solutions now being offered in Texas; Florida; Georgia; South Carolina; North Carolina; Virginia; Tennessee; Arkansas; Louisiana; Mississippi; and Alabama, the company says.

The partnership is also part of Site- One’s continued effort to advance the role of technology in landscape and irrigation management.

SiteOne also purchased Village Nurseries Landscape Centers in Orange, Huntington Beach and Sacramento, California, in March 2018, on the heels of its acquisition of Atlantic Irrigation, North White Plains, New York, in February.

Village Nurseries Landscape Centers are distributors of nursery and related products to landscape professionals. This acquisition further expands SiteOne’s footprint and nursery offerings in California.

“Our Landscape Centers are a natural fit with SiteOne as they can now add nursery products to their existing irrigation, agronomic, hardscape and landscape lighting product lines in California,” says David House, president of Village Nurseries.

He adds, “At the same time, our Landscape Centers’ customers will now have access to SiteOne’s full selection of product lines, while still being able to take advantage of the wide breadth of trees and shrubs we offer, many of which are patented or exclusive and not available at other wholesale nurseries.”

SiteOne also opened its Agronomic Sales Center for the Atlanta area during a ribbon cutting ceremony in Doraville, Georgia, in early April. The 30,000-square-foot facility will enable SiteOne to stock up to 880 tons of bagged agronomic material to better serve the area’s customers who frequently purchase large quantities of fertilizer and control products.