May 14 2018 10:51 AM

The program is intended to encourage residents to conserve water.

The Lewisville, Texas, city council has approved a water conservation credit program for single-family homes.

The program allows utility customers to apply for credits to their water utility bills if they install certain water-conserving home improvements.

According to an article in the Community Impact Newspaper, the maximum credit available is limited to $375 per single-family residential address per fiscal year.

The credits include up to $50 for a low-flow toilet, up to $75 for a high-efficiency washing machine, up to $25 for a rain barrel and up to $50 for an irrigation system inspection, the article states. It also requires licensed irrigation professionals registered with the city to do the inspections.

Some improvements require special criteria, and residents must provide a copy of the original invoice or sales receipt and copy of the barcode or proof of purchase.