June 19 2018 10:32 AM

Water pressure dropped in southwest Columbia, Missouri, in 2016, risking water contamination and unsafe firefighting.

Columbia Water and Light officials are asking Columbia, Missouri, residents to follow and irrigation schedule this summer after water pressure dropped in the area in 2016.

The drop in water pressure risked water contamination and unsafe firefighting.

According to ABC17News, the supply system is adequate to address normal water consumption and demand but the unusually dry 2016 summer months caused people to water more often and at the same time. The system couldn’t accommodate the levels.

The city’s plan is to have one side of a street water one night and the other side will water the next night, according to the report. Each street is assigned a certain time to water.

City officials say the irrigation schedule is part of a larger plan to improve the way residents use and conserve resources.