July 8 2018 01:12 PM

In honor of Smart Irrigation Month, we’ve compiled some tips from the IA’s resident expert.

We’ve been telling you about July being Smart Irrigation Month, and now it’s time to put its principles into practice. The following four tips from the Irrigation Association’s industry development director, Brent Mecham, will get you and your customers on the right track.

1. Follow the recommendations of the local water provider. Irrigate only when the plants or the turfgrass need it.

2. Rotor-type sprinklers (sprinklers with moving stream(s) of water) need about twice as many minutes of run time to apply the same amount of water as spray sprinklers.

3. Divide the total run time into three or four cycle-starts to encourage the water to penetrate the soil more deeply and avoid runoff. For example: program three five-minute cycles instead of one cycle for 15 minutes.

4. Take advantage of rainfall from Mother Nature and turn off the sprinkler system, or suggest to your clients that you can install a rain shutoff device or soil moisture sensor to prevent watering when the soil is moist enough.