The April issue of Irrigation & Green Industry magazine is the third one that I have had the pleasure to oversee. I couldn’t be more thrilled about having made this career move. First, what an exciting opportunity this is to continue the legacy of a well-known brand within the landscaping industry. For that, I am truly honored.

Secondly, the magazine is made up of a terrific and diverse team. Some of the longest-termed employees in the sales and editorial staff stayed on through the transition of ownership, while a few new staff members joined the team. The combination creates a great dynamic, mixing the tried and true with the interesting and new. It’s been a great experience, infusing new ideas into the strong foundation that already exists.

Another aspect that I enjoy about the job is of course the readers and interview subjects I interact with regularly. It is so refreshing to talk to people who are so passionate about what they do every day. I am truly inspired by you, the professionals who strive to create and maintain beautiful outdoor spaces for people to enjoy.

You can’t walk down a neighborhood street, stroll through a city park or step onto an office campus without seeing the fruits of your labor. You make the world a more beautiful place every day because of your expertise in horticulture, landscape design, irrigation, turf care, hardscaping, lighting and much, much more. Not everyone has these skill sets so they must rely on you to work your magic.

And I, in turn, am grateful that I get to share content with you that I hope both inspires and teaches. There’s something special about being part of this industry; I knew it the first time I picked up the phone and called one of our regular columnists. What a warm welcome I’ve received!

This has served as a reminder to look around and appreciate what we have and what we’ve done. Life can get you down — a family member falls ill or a friend loses a job. And of course, we can’t escape some of the tragic news that has happened in our country recently. Through all of these events, just knowing that there are people out there dedicated to creating gorgeous outdoor areas for people to appreciate lifts one’s spirits, whether consciously or not. So, keep up the great work!