I used to watch talk shows with my mother when I would get home from school. You know, the ones with the studio audience and the compassionate host who would get her guests to share their personal, sometimes painful stories. Guests would pour their emotions out on the stage, and the studio audience would applaud for their bravery.

Every so often a guest would appear on the show who looked like she had never gone to a mall or salon. Her wardrobe was outdated and she was donning the same hairdo she had worn since her now grown children were in diapers. The woman looked 20 years older than she actually was.

Then she was whisked backstage, and like magic, while the show continued, she was being transformed by hairstylists, makeup artists and fashion experts.

In less than an hour, the guest would emerge looking like a completely different person. A little makeup, a haircut and color, and some new clothes and the haggard old housewife was transformed into a beauty queen.

You almost wouldn’t even recognize her. Then a “before and after” side-by-side picture would appear on the TV screen. You’d have to admit, that it was indeed the same person.

A similar transformation has taken place with this month’s Irrigation & Green Industry magazine. While you were busy reading your February issue, we, too, were busy behind the scenes undergoing a face-lift that we have unveiled with this March issue.

But rest assured, as you flip through the pages of this magazine, you will realize that just like the woman who received the makeover, we too, are still the same magazine.

While you’ll experience a more modern design with more article callouts, references and links, you’ll also realize that the quality of the content has remained intact.

Like you will read in the cover story about whether you should mow or plow on demand, it is important to adapt with and evolve. You must be prepared as a business owner to respond to the trends. For Irrigation & Green Industry, this is just the beginning.

You’ll notice a few new names to the right of this page. Now fully owned and operated by the Irrigation Association, our team is committed to providing high quality in the information we present. We hope you like it.

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