As consumers, we are inundated with surveys and rating systems. How was your stay? Were you satisfied with your service? How would you rate your call? Have a bad meal? You bet Yelp is going to hear about it. A bad experience with a landscaping company? Google may be the place where someone airs his grievance and gives the company one star out of five.

Surveys and ratings are everywhere these days. And if you choose to ignore them, you are well within your rights. But those who do take the time to fill them out or provide a review are giving critical feedback to those making the decisions in that business. If a company takes the time to send you a survey, it is because they want to understand you better so it can serve you better.

John Georgio, who was featured in he Close-up Profile in the February 2018 issue of Irrigation & Green Industry magazine, decided to enter the family business in part because of the praise-filled surveys Gotham Landscaping in Los Angeles got back from its customers. He realized his family was providing something special, and he wanted to be part of it.

IGIN embarked on a survey of its own in March 2018. We sent it to our readers because we wanted to understand their reading habits. What will we do with this information?

We will take it into consideration when deciding what topics to cover in the magazine and in our e-newsletter offerings. For example, we launched a monthly Product Roundup e-newsletter in May after our readers who completed the survey overwhelmingly said they wanted information on new products.

Other content decisions and areas of coverage will be driven by the feedback we received from the readers who took the time to fill it out. We gave our readers the opportunity, and it was up to them whether they took us up on our offer. Those who did fill it out can rest assured that we are evaluating your answers and are working to make sure our coverage is aligned with the results we received.

Over the course of the year as we work to gain insights from you, you will likely hear from us again. Of course, the choice is yours whether you choose to participate. But believe me, your feedback is important to us and we do indeed make decisions based on what you share with us.