North Carolina isn’t exactly known as a comedy mecca, but it seems there are some aspiring comedy writers living there. According to a story published on the website of Greensboro’s WFMY-TV, a Summerfield landscape and outdoor lighting company is giving local people a chance to share their jokes with the community.

All that Pete Bryant, owner of the two businesses, Southern Exposure Landscape Management Inc. & Southern Lights, asks is that submitters keep them clean and landscape-related.

Greeting his customers with funny sayings on the prominent outdoor sign attached to the building that houses both of his enterprises is a tradition that Bryant has kept up for a decade.

It’s a building with a lot of history, one that has seen many businesses come and go, having been a general store, an auction house and a Pony Express station to name just a few.

“As far as I know, when we bought the property ten years ago they did not know the exact date of origin but they said it was close to 200 years old,” Bryant says. “It’s on the National Historic Registry, so we are made to keep it as original as possible. Also, it's a landmark in the Summerfield community so we didn't want to take anything away from that.”

Some of the sign’s best quips have included:

"Compost Happens."

"What Kind of Socks Does a Gardener Wear? Garden Hose."

"Mow Money, Mow Problems."

"What Did the Tree Wear to the Pool? Swimming Trunks."

To keep a flow of new jokes coming in, Bryant has reached out on social media, with mixed results. “When we have posted it out there for options or ideas for posts it has been funny and comical on the answers we get back. Some of them can be printed, and some of them can’t be.”

Bryant emphasizes that he does it to be part of the community.

"I love what I do, and I've been doing this for 23 years. I not only want to be seen as the expert in landscaping and outdoor lighting but also as someone who cares about the community."