July 23 2018 12:47 PM

Follow these tips to keep your mowers running lean and mean.

1. Keep tires at the proper pounds per square inch. Underinflated tires burn more fuel.

2. Sharpen mower blades at least once a week. Reducing resistance is the name of the game. The sharper your mower blades are, the less hard the mower has to work.

3. Clean mower decks frequently. Fighting to push grass out burns more fuel.

4. Mow more often. If a client allows it, mow his grass at least once a week. Long grass is more difficult to cut and makes your equipment work harder.

5. Do preventive maintenance. Change or clean air, oil and fuel filters regularly, and lubricate.

6. Check belts and pulleys. See if all of them are attached and working, reminds George Reister, wheeled product manager for Husqvarna USA, Charlotte, North Carolina. A frayed belt or pulley puts a drain on the engine.