July 27 2018 06:28 PM

Three people transported to the hospital for bee stings during mowing job.

When Roberto Miguel Juan, owner of R.I. Roberto Lawn Service, based in Hobe Sound, Florida, arrived at a home in the Miami area with his wife and another assistant, he thought they were going to mow the lawn. Instead, they had to run to safety.

Firefighters responded to the scene where Juan and the two others were stung multiple times and were taken to the hospital.

Juan told a local ABC affiliate he thought he was going to die from the honeybee stings.

When the trio arrived to do the job, the bees were everywhere, he said. Juan also told ABC he ran across the street where a neighbor sprayed him with a garden hose to get the attacking honeybees off of him.

The homeowners were reportedly aware they had a bee problem, but they could not afford to remediate the situation. Police said code enforcement was notified.