Aug. 9 2018 08:42 AM

Offer to buy lunch failed to calm the assailant down.


A man was arraigned in Lawrence, Massachusetts on gun charges, including assault with a dangerous weapon, after allegedly threatening a landscaper. What did the landscaper do to offend the man? His leaf blower left grass clippings on the man’s car.

According to a story published on the website of WCVB/CNN,Chicopee, Massachusettes, 21-year-old Franklin Laras was outside a Wendy’s restaurant where the landscaper was working, when he noticed grass clippings on his black Acura sedan.

A verbal confrontation then took place, during which the landscaper says he tried to appease Laras by offering to buy him lunch and have his car washed. But the situation escalated, culminating in Laras allegedly lifting his shirt to reveal a gun tucked into his waistband.

The landscaper and his crew called police, and Laras was arrested. Police say he was not licensed to carry a firearm.

That wasn’t the only charge Laras faces, however. Besides being held without bail on various firearm-related charges, it was revealed in court that he was also in violation of probation on drug trafficking charges.