Aug. 13 2018 10:54 AM

ET weather station and Water My Yard app are available to Concho Valley region.

Two landscape irrigation tools installed in 2017 are now available to those who care for residential properties in San Angelo, Texas and the greater Concho Valley — an evapotranspiration weather station and the Water My Yard web-based program.

According to an article on, these tools were obtained through a grant received by the city in 2016 from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program and Adaptation International.

ET weather station computes total water loss rates through a complex formula using real-time data including air temperature, relative humidity, wind speed, solar radiation and rainfall. Hourly, daily, weekly and yearly information, and even historic rainfall and ET data is available from this unit.

Research has shown the evapotranspiration rates that are computed maintain a good statistical correlation to water loss rates in landscapes.

Consumers and contractors can use the information to calculate much to irrigate landscapes.

The Water My Yard program is a tool tool for Concho Valley landscape managers and homeowners. Developed by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Irrigation and Water Management Team, this program uses simple, intuitive images and information prompts that allow homeowners to receive recommendations on how long to run their irrigation systems.

A rain harvest tank has also been installed at The Bosque area along the Concho River to promote water conservation to all of our residents. Another 25,000-gallon rain harvest tank is scheduled to be installed at Kirby Park in the fall.

More information is available by contacting Roger Havlak, parks senior manager for the city of San Angelo, at 325-659-8563 or