Sept. 27 2018 03:30 PM

The company will change to a brand-neutral color palette for all its products.

A familiar, longtime landscape equipment manufacturer is getting a makeover. The Brillion, Wisconsin-based Ariens Company, known for its Ariens, Gravely, Countax and Westwood products, has announced that the family-owned enterprise will be rebranding itself as AriensCo.

In a press release, a company spokesperson stated that “Beyond its brands lies a lesser-known trademark — a unique brand of passionate people. Since our start, every lawnmower and snow blower has been backed by American craftsmanship and unrivaled dedication shared among the people who built our success.”

The release stressed that family is the company’s recurring theme, “not just in the biological sense, but as a cultural component. The company has cultivated an environment that provides a sense of community, due in part to the instillation of five core values: be honest, be fair, respect the individual, keep our commitments and encourage intellectual curiosity.”

The press statement mentioned the firm’s conservation efforts, STEM partnerships and scholarships it provides through the Ariens Foundation. “The annual Giving Back Report chronicles our touches outside the outdoor power equipment industry and reinvestment into our communities,” the release says.

“As the organization crosses into year 85 of excellence in manufacturing, our bonds remain intact, both by friendship and passion for a common purpose: improving lives by producing quality outdoor power equipment. Welcome to the era of AriensCo.”

The statement went on to say that, while in previous years, the business had been brand-centric, in the years ahead the focus will be on expanding the AriensCo enterprise. To align with that vision, the AriensCo brand identity will shift to a brand-neutral color palette. The new look will incorporate images of distressed copper, concrete and steel symbolizing the company’s manufacturing heritage.