Oct. 1 2018 12:19 AM

Dennis Hyde has more than 35 years of experience in the green industry.

Dilution Solutions
, with corporate offices in Clearwater, Florida, has named Dennis Hyde as a national sales manager, irrigation.

Hyde brings with him extensive experience in the irrigation and plant management field. Starting as a teenager with a parks and recreation department, building his own contractor business with a 10-acre nursery and landscape supply yard, to working for a major irrigation distributor as manager and outside sales specialist.

Always eager to learn about new applications, Hyde has multiple certifications in the irrigation field. He strives to build relationships, to listen and to educate clients, helping them find the proper solutions.

“I bring over 35 years of experience to Dilution Solutions in the landscape, horticulture, turf grass, and irrigation industries. I have seen the business from both sides, as a business owner, and as a dealer/distributor/sales manager. This unique, well-rounded perspective provides me the experience to understand and help customers find the best possible product for their specific application.”

As a National Sales Manager - Irrigation, Dennis will be working throughout the United States. In his free time, Dennis enjoys being with his family along with mountain biking, camping, golf, and of course landscaping.

To speak with Hyde, or for more information, contact Dilution Solutions at 1-800-451-6628, or visit the Dilution Solutions website at www.dilutionsolutions.com.