Oct. 6 2018 12:23 AM

The good news is, people want the services you offer, but keeping up with demand is challenging if you don't have the right help...

Chances are you picked up this copy of Irrigation & Green Industry at GIE+ Expo, our industry’s biggest convention. And if you’re here, you’re probably scouting out the equipment. What better place to do it? All the newest product lines from all the big manufacturers are on display, and you may even be able to test drive a few of them.

As evidenced by the record attendance in Louisville this year, landscape and irrigation contractors are on the hunt for solutions that can help them improve their businesses. Maybe there’s a powerful new mower on display that can shorten the time you spend mowing each client’s property. Perhaps a loader can help clear debris or spread mulch more easily. You may even consider buying some batterypowered equipment to save on fueling time.

All these options become a lot more attractive when it’s harder to find workers.

As a green industry business owner, there are many things you can do to compensate for the difficulty you have filling jobs. I spoke with a few of these resourceful peers of yours in this month’s cover story. I hope you pick up a few tips that you can apply to your business.

The good news is, people want the services you offer, but keeping up with the demand is challenging without the right help, whether it’s human, mechanical or technological. It’s time to embrace every tool available that can help carry your business into the future. Who knows — maybe becoming more tech-savvy will even help you attract those highly coveted younger workers.

In addition to investing in the equipment that will help your business succeed, don’t forget to invest in yourself and the employees you are fortunate enough to have. Both GIE+Expo and the Irrigation Show, Dec. 3-7 in Long Beach, California, offer some great educational courses. What better way to show your employees that you care and want them to have long careers with you than by investing in their education and attendance at an industry event?

I know it’s been a tough year for many of you as you’ve been forced to cope with the labor shortage. That’s why it’s more important than ever to take advantage of all the labor-saving tools the industry has to offer. Learning to operate leaner may just be the ticket to your success.