Oct. 8 2018 11:34 AM

Eddy Jerry was back in business within 24 hours of having his trailer stolen.

A Jacksonville, Florida, veteran is back in business after a thief stole his trailer of lawn equipment in broad daylight. According to a report on News 4 Jax, Navy veteran Eddy Jerry owned the trailer which contained a lawn mower he used for his family lawn care business.

The trailer was stolen from Jerry’s yard sometime during the day Sept. 27. A surveillance video captured the thief backing his truck onto the yard, hooking up the trailer and driving off.

Police were able to track down the thief after they were called to respond to an attempted burglary. They found the trailer in that suspect’s front yard about 10 miles away from Jerry’s home.

He was relieved when he received a call from police that they had found his stolen trailer at about 12:30 a.m. Jerry told News 4 Jax he was worried about how he was going to support his family with his missing tools and lawn mower. He also said he appreciated the outpouring from his customers who offered money. He reportedly told them to “pass that blessing on to someone else.”